Is Nutritional Yeast Non-GMO?

Here at The Wet Coast Shop, we strive to eat and drink products that are as healthy and natural as possible - be it organic, non GMO, or just a lack of additives. We recently learned that Nutritional Yeast is not always the great healthy supplement that we have come to believe in, so we wanted to share our findings!

Supplement companies generally use corn, sugar cane, or sugar beet based starter medium, so there is a significant chance that (unless otherwise stated) the manufacturer may have utilized a genetically modified (GM) medium.

The vast majority of farmers growing sugar beets in the US cultivate genetically modified forms, and 92% of corn (81% of corn in Canada) is also of GMO origin.

Some manufacturers source organic or certified non-GMO ingredients for making their yeast products - but if the label does not specifically state this, contact the company to confirm the purity of their products before you buy.

As we ourselves list Nutritional Yeast as a product, we followed up on this ourselves, and are pleased to report that our manufacturer has verified that they use only organic or certified non-GMO ingredients for making their yeast products!


Got any questions or concerns regarding your favorite ingredients? Feel free to reach out to us, and our in-house herbalist will be happy to look into your questions for you.

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